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Argonne Leadership Computing Facility

Debugging on Aurora

HPE gdb4hpc

The gdb4hpc is not a GPU-aware debugger but can be used to debug general code problems at scale. This debugger will apply commands to all threads in the MPI process group.

Attaching to a running job

Determine the jobid of interest.

  qstat -u $USER
  harms@aurora-uan-0009:~/working/all2all> qstat -u $USER 
                                                            Req'd  Req'd   Elap
  Job ID          Username Queue    Jobname    SessID NDS TSK Memory Time  S Time
  --------------- -------- -------- ---------- ------ --- --- ------ ----- - -----
  127750.aurora-* harms    workq    all2all       --    4   4    --  00:30 R   -- 

Next find a node the job is running on. Choose the first node in the list of vnodes.

  qstat -f 127750 | grep exec_vnode
  harms@aurora-uan-0009:~/working/all2all> qstat -f 127750 | grep exec_vnode
      exec_vnode = (x4305c2s6b0n0:ncpus=1)+(x4305c2s7b0n0:ncpus=1)+(x4305c4s0b0n0

Login to this node, find your mpiexec process id and run gdb4hpc.

  ssh x4305c2s6b0n0
  ps -eaf | grep mpiexec
  module load gdb4hpc
  CTI_WLM_IMPL=ssh gdb4hpc
  harms@aurora-uan-0009:~/working/all2all> ssh x4305c2s6b0n0
  harms@x4305c2s6b0n0:~> ps -eaf | grep mpiexec
  harms    108581 108569  0 16:05 ?        00:00:00 mpiexec -l --no-transfer --line-buffer --np 16 -ppn 4 --cpu-bind core ./a2a-p2p
  harms    109440 109354  0 16:11 pts/4    00:00:00 grep --color=auto mpiexec
  harms@x4305c2s6b0n0:~> module load gdb4hpc
  harms@x4305c2s6b0n0:~> CTI_WLM_IMPL=ssh gdb4hpc
  gdb4hpc 4.14.7 - Cray Line Mode Parallel Debugger
  With Cray Comparative Debugging Technology.
  Copyright 2007-2022 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP.
  Copyright 1996-2016 University of Queensland. All Rights Reserved.

  Type "help" for a list of commands.
  Type "help <cmd>" for detailed help about a command.
  dbg all>

Now attach to the mpiexec process.

  dbg all> attach $a <pid>
  dbg all> attach $a 108581
  0/16 ranks connected... (timeout in 299 seconds)
  0/16 ranks connected... (timeout in 298 seconds)
  12/16 ranks connected... (timeout in 300 seconds)
  16/16 ranks connected.
  Created network...
  Connected to application...
  Current rank location:
  a{0}: #0  0x00001472aba12699 in MPIDI_progress_test
  ... backtrace ...