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Argonne Leadership Computing Facility

Managing Your Team Members

The PI or Proxy must approve each member of the team to gain access and to run project jobs on the ALCF's resources. If you have an active ALCF account, you can manage your project team by logging into the ALCF account and project management website and navigating to

Project members will need to have an active ALCF user account to access project data and to run jobs on ALCF systems. See [Accounts and Access for your Project Members]{ for information on how team members can get an account, reactivate an account, or request to join your project.

Accessing your project(s)

  1. Log in at using your credentials (ALCF username and Physical/Mobile token passcode one-time passcode).
  2. You will see a list of projects of which you are the Primary Investigator (PI).
  3. Click on the desired project to view information and management options for the selected project.

Modifying project information

Some project information cannot be modified, but as the PI, you can modify the following: project title, institutions, and associated funding.

Your project can be associated with multiple institutions, but you must specify a primary institution.

Managing project members with an Existing ALCF Account

  1. You can manage the membership for your project by clicking on the desired project from the Project Management screen.
  2. Add and/or remove proxies and team members by clicking on the red "Remove" button to the right of each member or clicking on "Add new user."
  3. You can view account information for each user as it relates to the project:
  4. Account Status
  5. Project Role
  6. Proxy Permissions
  7. Membership Status

  8. Proxies are individuals authorized to add or renew user accounts for the project PI. You have the ability to upgrade a user from a member to a Proxy, by clicking on the "Proxy" radio button that corresponds with the desired member.