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The command gc-monitor is Graphcore's device usage monitor. Run it as follows for ordinary monitoring. See gc-monitor --help for other options.

gc-monitor --no-card-info --all-partitions
# or watch gc-monitor --no-card-info --all-partitions
The IPUOF_VIPU_API_HOST environment variable can conflict with the running of poptorch programs. The graphcore nodes have a convenience script that temporarily sets this environment variable. --no-card-info --all-partitions

Note: if there are no partitions active, gc-monitor will core dump: Segmentation fault (core dumped)

The output will look something like:

|      IPUs in slurm_2616 attached from other namespaces       |         Board         |
| ID |       Application host       |    Clock     |   Temp    |   Temp    |   Power   |
| 0  |         gc-poplar-02         |   1850MHz    |  24.2 C   |  21.1 C   |  92.3 W   |


The command gc-info is used to display device information. See gc-info --help for more options.

To list devices,

gc-info -l

The command gc-info lists the partition and different IPU Id's along with the multi-IPU configuration IDs.

-+- Id:  [0], target: [Fabric], IPU-M host:  [], IPU#: [3]
-+- Id:  [1], target: [Fabric], IPU-M host:  [], IPU#: [2]
-+- Id:  [2], target: [Fabric], IPU-M host:  [], IPU#: [1]

One may also display detailed information for a specific device. The devices are numbered 0-63. For example,

gc-info --device-id 0 --device-info

See gc-info --help for more information.

How busy is the system?

Use one of