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Porting applications to the CS-2

Cerebras documentation for porting code to run on a Cerebras CS-2 system:
Ways to port your model

Grafana WsJob Dashboard for Cerebras jobs

A Grafana dashboard provides support for visualizing, querying, and exploring the CS2 system’s metrics and enables to access system logs and traces. See the Cerebras documentation for the Job Information Dashboard

Here is a summary (tested to work on Ubuntu and MacOS)

On your work machine with a web browser, e.g. your laptop,
edit /etc/hosts, using your editor of choice

sudo nano /etc/hosts
Add this line
Save, and exit the editor

Download the Grafana certificate present on the Cerebras node at /opt/cerebras/certs/grafana_tls.crt to your local machine. To add this certificate to your browser keychain,

  1. On chrome, go to Settings->Privacy and security->Security->Manage device certificates
  2. Select System under "System Keychains" on the left hand side of your screen. Also select the "Certificate" tab.
  3. Drag and drop the downloaded certificate. Once it is added, it is visible as "" Cerebras Wafer-Scale Cluster connection diagram
  4. Select the certificate, and ensure that the "Trust" section is set to "Always Trust" Cerebras Wafer-Scale Cluster connection diagram

On your work machine with a web browser, e.g. your laptop,
tunnel the grafana https port on the cerebras grafana host through to localhost

ssh -L [email protected]

Point a browser at grafana. (Tested with Firefox and Chrome/Brave)
Open browser to a job grafana url shown in csctl get jobs, adding :8443 to hostname, e.g.

Login to the dashboard with user admin, and password prom-operator