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Argonne Leadership Computing Facility

Job Queuing and Submission

The CS-2 cluster has its own Kubernetes-based system for job submission and queuing.

Jobs are started automatically through the Python framework in modelzoo.common.pytorch.run_utils Continuous job status for a job is output to stdout/stderr; redirect the output, or consider using a persistent session started with screen, or tmux, or both.

Jobs that have not yet completed can be listed as shown. Note: this command can take over a minute to complete.

(venv_cerebras_pt) $ csctl get jobs
NAME                          AGE  DURATION  PHASE    SYSTEMS     USER     LABELS        DASHBOARD
wsjob-thjj8zticwsylhppkbmjqe  13s  1s        RUNNING  cer-cs2-01  username name=unet_pt
(venv_cerebras_pt) $
To view the grafana databoard for a job, follow the instructions at Grafana WsJob Dashboard for Cerebras jobs

Jobs can be canceled as shown:

(venv_cerebras_pt) $ csctl cancel job wsjob-eyjapwgnycahq9tus4w7id
Job canceled successfully
(venv_cerebras_pt) $

Jobs can be labeled in the command line that launches them, if they are written with Cerebras's Python framework for running appliance jobs, by adding a command line option of this form:

 --job_labels labelname=labelvalue

Jobs can also be labeled after they have been started as shown:

(venv_cerebras_pt) $ csctl label job wsjob-ez6dyfronnsg2rz7f7fqw4 testlabel=test
job/wsjob-ez6dyfronnsg2rz7f7fqw4 was patched
(venv_cerebras_pt) $

Jobs with a particular label/label value can be listed as shown:

(venv_cerebras_pt) $ csctl get jobs | grep "testlabel=test"
wsjob-ez6dyfronnsg2rz7f7fqw4  19m SUCCEEDED  cer-cs2-02 username testlabel=test,user=username
(venv_cerebras_pt) $

See csctl -h for more options.
Add -h to a command for help for that command, e.g. csctl get -h or csctl cancel -h.

$ csctl -h
Cerebras cluster command line tool.

  csctl [command]

Available Commands:
  cancel             Cancel job
  clear-worker-cache Clear the worker cache
  config             View csctl config files
  get                Get resources
  label              Label resources
  log-export         Gather and download logs.
  types              Display resource types

  -d, --debug int          higher debug values will display more fields in output objects
  -h, --help               help for csctl
      --namespace string   configure csctl to talk to different user namespaces
  -v, --version            version for csctl

Use "csctl [command] --help" for more information about a command.