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Argonne Leadership Computing Facility

Data Management for the AI Testbed

Home File System Space

Users have a shared home filesystem /home shared across the ALCF AI testbed systems, including the login and compute nodes. Default user quota is 1 TB storage and 1,000,000 files. This space is backed up.

Project File System Space

The team project/campaign file system /projects is intended to facilitate project collaboration and is accessible to the team members of your project that have an ALCF account. Default group storage quota is 2 TB and 2,000,000 files. Please note that this space isn't backed up. Our policy is that data will be purged from disk 6 months after project completion.

Data Transfer

Users can transfer data to and from the AI testbed using Globus or tools such as scp or rsync.

Using Globus

We have a Globus endpoint each to move data to and from the /projects and /home filesystem respectively.

  • Use alcf#ai_testbed_projects for the /projects file system
  • Use alcf#ai_testbed_home for the /home files system

Relevant information regarding using globus can be found here

ALCF Storage Policies

ALCF data policies is available here

Please Note: The basic level of protection provided is UNIX file level permissions; it is the user's responsibility to ensure that file permissions and umasks are set to match their needs.