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Argonne Leadership Computing Facility

Getting Started


If you do not already have an allocation, you will need to request one here: Discretionary Allocation Request (New & Renewal)


If you do not have an ALCF account (but have an allocation), request one here: ALCF Account and Project Management


Connection to a GroqRack node is a two-step process.

The first step is to ssh from a local machine to a login node. The second, optional step is to ssh from a login node to a GroqRack node. Jobs may also be started and tracked from login nodes.

GroqRack System View

Log in to a login node

Connect to a groq login node, editing this command line to use your ALCF user id. You will be prompted for a password; use the 8-digit code provided by MobilePASS+.

This randomly selects one of the login nodes, namely or You can alternatively ssh to the specific login nodes directly.

Log in to a GroqRack node

Once you are on a login node, optionally ssh to one of the GroqRack nodes, which are numbered 1-9.

# or
# or any node with hostname of form groq-r01-gn-0[1-9]