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Argonne Leadership Computing Facility

Example Programs

Use a local copy of the model zoo

Make a working directory and a local copy of the Cerebras modelzoo and anl_shared repository, if not previously done, as follows.

mkdir ~/R_1.9.1
cd ~/R_1.9.1
git clone


An implementation of this: U-Net: Convolutional Networks for Biomedical Image Segmentation, Ronneberger et. al 2015
To run Unet with the Severstal: Steel Defect Detection kaggle dataset, using a pre-downloaded copy of the dataset:
First, source a Cerebras PyTorch virtual environment.

source ~/R_1.9.1/venv_pt/bin/activate


cd ~/R_1.9.1/modelzoo/modelzoo/vision/pytorch/unet
cp /software/cerebras/dataset/severstal-steel-defect-detection/params_severstal_binary_rawds.yaml configs/params_severstal_binary_rawds.yaml
export MODEL_DIR=model_dir_unet
if [ -d "$MODEL_DIR" ]; then rm -Rf $MODEL_DIR; fi
python CSX --job_labels name=unet_pt --params configs/params_severstal_binary_rawds.yaml --model_dir $MODEL_DIR --mode train --mount_dirs /home/ /software --python_paths /home/$(whoami)/R_1.9.1/modelzoo/ --compile_dir $(whoami) |& tee mytest.log 

BERT - PyTorch

The modelzoo/modelzoo/transformers/pytorch/bert directory is a PyTorch implementation of BERT: Pre-training of Deep Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding
This BERT-large msl128 example uses a single sample dataset for both training and evaluation. See the in the source directory for details on how to build a dataset from text input. First, source a Cerebras PyTorch virtual environment.

source ~/R_1.9.1/venv_pt/bin/activate


cd ~/R_1.9.1/modelzoo/modelzoo/transformers/pytorch/bert
cp /software/cerebras/dataset/bert_large/bert_large_MSL128_sampleds.yaml configs/bert_large_MSL128_sampleds.yaml
export MODEL_DIR=model_dir_bert_large_pytorch
if [ -d "$MODEL_DIR" ]; then rm -Rf $MODEL_DIR; fi
python CSX --job_labels name=bert_pt --params configs/bert_large_MSL128_sampleds.yaml --num_workers_per_csx=1 --mode train --model_dir $MODEL_DIR --mount_dirs /home/ /software/ --python_paths /home/$(whoami)/R_1.9.1/modelzoo/ --compile_dir $(whoami) |& tee mytest.log

The last parts of the output should resemble the following, with messages about cuda that should be ignored and are not shown.

2023-05-17 18:10:08,776 INFO:   Finished sending initial weights
2023-05-17 18:15:11,548 INFO:   | Train Device=xla:0, Step=100, Loss=9.46875, Rate=4597.49 samples/sec, GlobalRate=4597.49 samples/sec
2023-05-17 18:15:23,067 INFO:   | Train Device=xla:0, Step=200, Loss=8.94531, Rate=7173.00 samples/sec, GlobalRate=6060.68 samples/sec
2023-05-17 18:15:41,547 INFO:   | Train Device=xla:0, Step=300, Loss=8.79688, Rate=6193.85 samples/sec, GlobalRate=5876.98 samples/sec
2023-05-17 18:15:54,118 INFO:   | Train Device=xla:0, Step=400, Loss=8.28906, Rate=7365.06 samples/sec, GlobalRate=6316.84 samples/sec
2023-05-17 18:16:12,430 INFO:   | Train Device=xla:0, Step=500, Loss=8.14844, Rate=6301.21 samples/sec, GlobalRate=6157.22 samples/sec
2023-05-17 18:16:25,177 INFO:   | Train Device=xla:0, Step=600, Loss=8.06250, Rate=7340.44 samples/sec, GlobalRate=6406.58 samples/sec
2023-05-17 18:16:43,315 INFO:   | Train Device=xla:0, Step=700, Loss=8.00000, Rate=6323.57 samples/sec, GlobalRate=6285.55 samples/sec
2023-05-17 18:16:56,110 INFO:   | Train Device=xla:0, Step=800, Loss=7.96484, Rate=7331.29 samples/sec, GlobalRate=6458.82 samples/sec
2023-05-17 18:17:14,564 INFO:   | Train Device=xla:0, Step=900, Loss=7.89844, Rate=6261.77 samples/sec, GlobalRate=6343.22 samples/sec
2023-05-17 18:17:26,977 INFO:   | Train Device=xla:0, Step=1000, Loss=7.90234, Rate=7454.38 samples/sec, GlobalRate=6493.27 samples/sec
2023-05-17 18:17:26,978 INFO:   Saving checkpoint at global step 1000
2023-05-17 18:18:38,485 INFO:   Saving step 1000 in dataloader checkpoint
2023-05-17 18:18:38,931 INFO:   Saved checkpoint at global step: 1000
2023-05-17 18:18:38,932 INFO:   Training Complete. Completed 1024000 sample(s) in 229.65675950050354 seconds.
2023-05-17 18:18:49,293 INFO:   Monitoring returned

GPT-J PyTorch

GPT-J [github] is an auto-regressive language model created by EleutherAI. This PyTorch GPT-J 6B parameter pretraining sample uses 2 CS2s.

First, source a Cerebras PyTorch virtual environment.

source ~/R_1.9.1/venv_pt/bin/activate


cd ~/R_1.9.1/modelzoo/modelzoo/transformers/pytorch/gptj
cp /software/cerebras/dataset/gptj/params_gptj_6B_sampleds.yaml configs/params_gptj_6B_sampleds.yaml
export MODEL_DIR=model_dir_gptj
if [ -d "$MODEL_DIR" ]; then rm -Rf $MODEL_DIR; fi
python CSX --job_labels name=gptj_pt --params configs/params_gptj_6B_sampleds.yaml --num_csx=2 --mode train --model_dir $MODEL_DIR --mount_dirs /home/ /software --python_paths /home/$(whoami)/R_1.9.1/modelzoo/ --compile_dir $(whoami) |& tee mytest.log

The last parts of the output should resemble the following:

2023-05-17 18:44:38,290 INFO:   Finished sending initial weights
2023-05-17 18:51:03,551 INFO:   | Train Device=xla:0, Step=100, Loss=8.46875, Rate=33.83 samples/sec, GlobalRate=33.83 samples/sec
2023-05-17 18:57:26,199 INFO:   | Train Device=xla:0, Step=200, Loss=8.06250, Rate=33.92 samples/sec, GlobalRate=33.90 samples/sec
2023-05-17 19:03:48,354 INFO:   | Train Device=xla:0, Step=300, Loss=7.71875, Rate=33.98 samples/sec, GlobalRate=33.94 samples/sec
2023-05-17 19:10:10,299 INFO:   | Train Device=xla:0, Step=400, Loss=7.46875, Rate=34.01 samples/sec, GlobalRate=33.96 samples/sec
2023-05-17 19:16:32,156 INFO:   | Train Device=xla:0, Step=500, Loss=7.21875, Rate=34.03 samples/sec, GlobalRate=33.98 samples/sec
2023-05-17 19:16:32,157 INFO:   Saving checkpoint at global step 500
2023-05-17 19:27:12,834 INFO:   Saving step 500 in dataloader checkpoint
2023-05-17 19:27:13,435 INFO:   Saved checkpoint at global step: 500
2023-05-17 19:27:13,436 INFO:   Training Complete. Completed 65000 sample(s) in 2554.1804394721985 seconds.