Argonne Leadership Computing Facility

System Overview

ALCF's Groq system consists of a single GroqRackTM compute cluster that provides an extensible accelerator network consisting of 9 GroqNodeTM [ groq-r01-gn-01 through groq-r01-gn-09 ] nodes with a rotational multi-node network topology. Each of these GroqNodes consists of 8 GroqCardTM accelerators in them with integrated chip-to-chip connections with a dragonfly multi-chip topology.

GroqCardTM accelerator is a dual-width, full-height, three-quarter length PCI-Express Gen4 x16 adapter that includes a single GroqChipTM processor with 230 MB of on-chip memory. Based on the proprietary Tensor Streaming Processor (TSP) architecture, the GroqChip processor is a low latency and high throughput single core SIMD compute engine capable of 750 TOPS (INT8) and 188 TFLOPS (FP16) @ 900 MHz that includes advanced vector and matrix mathematical acceleration units. The GroqChip processor is deterministic, providing predictable and repeatable performance.

The GroqWare suite SDK uses a API based programming model and enables users to develop, compile, and run models on the GroqCard accelerator in a host server system. The SDK uses a ONNX/MLIR enabled DAG compiler and it consists of Groq Compiler, Groq API, and utility tools like GroqView™ profiler and groq-runtime.

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