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Argonne Leadership Computing Facility

Getting Started


SambaNova SN30 can be accessed using your ALCF account. See Get Started to request an account and for additional information.


System View

Connection to a SambaNova node is a two-step process. The first step is to ssh to the login node. This step requires an MFA passcode for authentication - an eight-digit passcode generated by an app on your mobile device, e.g., MobilePASS+. The second step is to log in to a SambaNova node from the login node.

SambaNova System View

Log in to Login Node

Log in to the SambaNova login node from your local machine using the below command. This uses the MobilePASS+ token generated every time you log in to the system. This is the same passcode used to authenticate into other ALCF systems, such as Polaris, Theta and Cooley.

In the examples below, replace ALCFUserID with your ALCF user id.

ssh [email protected]
Password: < MobilePASS+ code >

Note: Use the ssh "-v" option in order to debug any ssh problems.

Log in to a SambaNova Node

Once you are on the login node, a SambaNova node can be accessed using an alias, sn30-r[1-4]-h[1-2] where 'r' stands for the rack number, and 'h' stands for host. sn30-r1-h1 is the first host of the first rack.

The 8 nodes are aliased as : sn30-r1-h1 , sn30-r1-h2, sn30-r2-h1, sn30-r2-h2, sn30-r3-h1, sn30-r3-h2, sn30-r4-h1, sn30-r4-h2.

sn30-r1-h1 can be accessed as below.

ssh sn30-r1-h1

SDK setup

The required software environment (SambaFlow software stack and the associated environmental variables) for a SN30 node is set up automatically at login. This is unlike the SN10 where the environment had to be set up by each user.