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Argonne Leadership Computing Facility

Running a Model/Program

Getting Started

Job submission and queuing

Cerebras jobs are initiated and tracked automatically within the Python frameworks in modelzoo.common.pytorch.run_utils and These frameworks interact with the Cerebras cluster management node.

Login nodes

Jobs are launched from login nodes. If you expect a loss of an internet connection for any reason, for long-running jobs we suggest logging into a specific login node and using either screen or tmux to create persistent command line sessions. For details use:

man screen
# or
man tmux

Running jobs on the wafer

Follow these instructions to compile and train the fc_mnist TensorFlow and PyTorch samples. These models are a couple of fully connected layers plus dropout and RELU.

Cerebras virtual environments

First, make virtual environments for Cerebras for PyTorch and/or TensorFlow. See Customizing Environments for the procedures for making PyTorch and/or TensorFlow virtual environments for Cerebras. If the environments are made in ~/R_1.9.1/, then they would be activated as follows:

source ~/R_1.9.1/venv_pt/bin/activate
source ~/R_1.9.1/vent_tf/bin/activate

Clone the Cerebras modelzoo

mkdir ~/R_1.9.1
cd ~/R_1.9.1
git clone
cd modelzoo
git tag
git checkout Release_1.9.1

Running a Pytorch sample

Activate your PyTorch virtual environment, and change to the working directory

source ~/R_1.9.1/venv_pt/bin/activate
cd ~/R_1.9.1/modelzoo/modelzoo/fc_mnist/pytorch

Next, edit configs/params.yaml, making the following changes:

-    data_dir: "./data/mnist/train"
+    data_dir: "/software/cerebras/dataset/fc_mnist/data/mnist/train"


-    data_dir: "./data/mnist/val"
+    data_dir: "/software/cerebras/dataset/fc_mnist/data/mnist/train"

If you want to have the sample download the dataset, you will need to specify absolute paths for the "data_dir"s.

Running a sample PyTorch training job

To run the sample:

export MODEL_DIR=model_dir
# deletion of the model_dir is only needed if sample has been previously run
if [ -d "$MODEL_DIR" ]; then rm -Rf $MODEL_DIR; fi
python CSX --job_labels name=pt_smoketest --params configs/params.yaml --num_csx=1 --mode train --model_dir $MODEL_DIR --mount_dirs /home/ /software --python_paths /home/$(whoami)/R_1.9.1/modelzoo --compile_dir /$(whoami) |& tee mytest.log

A successful fc_mnist PyTorch training run should finish with output resembling the following:

2023-05-15 16:05:54,510 INFO:   | Train Device=xla:0, Step=9950, Loss=2.30234, Rate=157300.30 samples/sec, GlobalRate=26805.42 samples/sec
2023-05-15 16:05:54,571 INFO:   | Train Device=xla:0, Step=10000, Loss=2.29427, Rate=125599.14 samples/sec, GlobalRate=26905.42 samples/sec
2023-05-15 16:05:54,572 INFO:   Saving checkpoint at global step 10000
2023-05-15 16:05:59,734 INFO:   Saving step 10000 in dataloader checkpoint
2023-05-15 16:06:00,117 INFO:   Saved checkpoint at global step: 10000
2023-05-15 16:06:00,117 INFO:   Training Complete. Completed 1280000 sample(s) in 53.11996841430664 seconds.
2023-05-15 16:06:04,356 INFO:   Monitoring returned