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Argonne Leadership Computing Facility

ALCF User Guides

We are moving our ALCF documentation into GitHub to make it easier to contribute and collaborate to our user and machine guides.

Our user guides contain information for:

  • Account and Project Management: Information and instructions on how to manage your ALCF account and awarded project.
  • Data Management: Information on our file systems that are mounted globally across all of our production systems.
  • Aurora/Sunspot: Information on getting your code ready for our upcoming exacale supercomputer.
  • Polaris: Information on how to get started our newest supercomputer.
  • AI Testbed: Information on how to use our AI Accelerators.
  • Services: Information on how to use various services provided across clusters.
  • Facility Policies: Information on our policies and procedures.

How to Get Access

Researchers interested in using the ALCF systems (including Polaris and the AI Testbed’s Cerebras CS-2 and SambaNova DataScale platforms) can now submit project proposals via the ALCF’s Director’s Discretionary program. Calls for porposals for additional allocation programs will be open at a later date.

Submit your proposal requests at: Allocation Request Page

Getting Started

If you'd like to get started using our ALCF resources, our Getting Started webpage provides information on what you need to do in order to get time on our systems, get an account, and how to start running jobs.

If you have an account and an award for Polaris, we suggest visiting on Getting on Polaris webpage.

If you'd like to user our AI accelerators, visit our Getting Started on AI Testbed webpage.

Please send feedback to [email protected]