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Argonne Leadership Computing Facility


RAJA is a collection of C++ software abstractions, being developed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), that enable architecture portability for HPC applications. The overarching goals of RAJA are to:

  • Make existing (production) applications portable with minimal disruption
  • Provide a model for new applications so that they are portable from inception.

RAJA targets portable, parallel loop execution by providing building blocks that extend the generally-accepted parallel for idiom.

Additional information can be found at RAJA User Guide.

Using RAJA

RAJA provides a project template for how to use RAJA in an application project that uses CMake or Make. This is located at RAJA Project Template.

How to get the source code

The RAJA source code lives at RAJA github.

It can be cloned with git clone --recursive The recursive clone will also clone RAJA's dependencies in the proper locations.

Building on Theta

RAJA requires a compiler with C++11 support and CMake version 3.9 or greater RAJA includes an example build script for Theta that you can use. A quick example is below.

module load cmake/3.14.5
cd raja
cp scripts/alcf-builds/ .
cd build_alcf-theta-intel18.0/
make -j 4

The build script makes use of a CMake configuration file raja/host-configs/alcf-builds/theta_intel18_0.cmake. The RAJA and compiler options can be adjusted in this configuration file.